Why Mobile Sites Matter

The days of companies only creating websites that are viewable on desktops and laptops are in the past. If you were to visit a website on your mobile phone five or six years ago, you would have one of two experiences. You would either end up with a site that takes five minutes to load and looks terrible even when it has loaded. That is because your phone was busy loading the regular web page, which is meant to be viewed on a much larger screen. The second experience you would have involved sites that only had text and nothing else. While those sites loaded fast, they were very ugly!

When studies are showing us that more people are using the internet on their smartphones, as compared to computers, it is time for businesses to adjust. Sure, the way you have optimized your desktop site means that you are going to get a favorable outcome among people who are visiting the site using a laptop or desktop. But that does not mean you can ignore mobile users, as they could be anywhere from 40 to 60 percent of the individuals who are visiting your site – either through social media or search engine results pages.

If those individuals are coming across a site that takes too long to load, is filled with ads that are not easy to close or just looks plain awful, they are not going to be very impressed. And the reality is they will probably go to another source for information or to spend money. Customers care a lot about how a site performs, and it is time for business owners to do the same. You must give your mobile site as much importance as your desktop site. Ensure your site looks great on regular sized monitors, tablet screens and smartphones.