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In the past, having a professionally designed website was something that only a major company would have to worry about. When you had a major brand name that was being used to sell items around the world, it made sense for you to have a website that matched your company’s stature. But small businesses could get away without going to the internet to provide information to customers. The focus was on boosting marketing on a local level. But all of that changed over the past few years. And there are a few reasons for the change.

Customers Find Companies in a New Way

How do you find a local service provider? In the past, you would probably search the yellow pages or maybe you would ask a friend. But now you can just whip out your cell phone and do a quick Google search. Believe me – we have all done it. And you have probably done it more often than you think. Say you wanted to find a plumber in your area – just google those words and you are going to have a field of options to select from.

It is the same for other businesses in any industry. And that is why using a service like to get your website professionally designed or updated is so important. If your site looks as though it was designed through WordPress by a 10 year old, how are you going to impress potential customers? Sure, it is better than not having a site at all. But what type of image are you conveying when you have such a poorly designed site? We do not believe it is a good image at all. And we do not want people to have anything negative to say about your business, especially when you can fix it so easily.

Beautifully Designed Sites Attract Customers

Yes, it is vital that you have all the necessary information about your company and its offerings on the site. This is the most important step to getting your site properly updated. If a site is pretty but has no information, how does that help? Customers may be intrigued, but they will not know whether you can offer them what you need. But what really helps is when you can combine a gorgeous site with that informative element. That is when you have the perfect tool to attract new customers.

When someone does an online search for products or service that you offer in the local area, we want them to come across your site among the top results. And to make that happen, you need a site that has SEO elements, a world class design and rapid loading times. If you are falling behind in any of these categories, you are going to suffer, and it will show in your bottom line. The money that you spend on site design and updates is nothing compared to what you could make through the new customers that are coming to your business through that website.

So, you’re working on SEO and you want to be sure that what you’re doing makes sense in regards to whatever may be going on. That being said, how can you make sure that you’re doing the right thing? While you can’t be 100% certain of what’s in the algorithms, there are a few things that are commonly believed to be important.

  • How Relevant is Your Site? Does the content match up with the keywords that you are dealing with? Are you actually providing information and are you giving people high quality content that allows customers, clients, and other visitors to your website to get everything that they need when they visit?
  • How Easy is Your Site to Navigate And How Fast Does it Load Up? If your website has a lot of bloat and it takes a while to load, it makes it difficult for you to get everything that you need in order to stay on top of the search results. Not only that, but you will also find that search engines aren’t going to be too happy about a site that is difficult to navigate and work through, either.
  • Do You Use Qualified Links? What are you linking to on your website? If you aren’t linking to high quality content from other sites that already have established credibility, you’re not going to get as many favorable results in the long run. So, take the time to go ahead and get whatever you need
  • Meta Descriptions and Tags. If you aren’t tagging content or putting in meta descriptions, the search engine bots are going to notice that and take a note of it. You want to have those descriptions and you want them to be accurate in order to get the hits you need.